EXPO Power Systems S.A. was established in July 2006, arising from the EXPO Ltd Energy Department which was launched in 1999 targeting to expand the company's activities in the fields of energy generation, cogeneration and combined cycle (power stations, industrial cogeneration etc.) applications.

EXPO Power Systems (as a department of EXPO S.A. or as a separate company since 2006) actively participates in the new business activities and opportunities that emerge in the Greek energy market after the energy liberalization, which took place in February 2001, and the Natural Gas market liberalization.
 EXPO Power Systems is acting as an authorized partner of GE Energy in Greece and in nearby regions since 2000 and has been participating in some of the most prominent contracts in the area.

Since the year 2001, EXPO Power Systems has sold over 3500MW of GE Energy Generating equipment in Greece and is now also actively engaged in sales in the nearby region of north Africa and the Middle East. 

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